Reese’s Stuffed Crescents

I am in love with all things chocolate peanut butter.  Its seriously the best combination ever.  So when I saw this pin, I knew I had to try it.  Soooo easy and sooooo good.

2012-12-21 17.09.22
Open up the crescents, open up the Reeses, roll em up, and bake em.  Easy Peasy.
2012-12-21 17.11.44
Opening the Reese’s was seriously the hardest part.  Actually not eating any of Reese’s once I opened them was the hardest part.
The original post called for half a Reese’s in each crescent, I put in 2/3 of a PB cup and it didn’t quite seem like enough.  I think the regular cups have gotten smaller.
 2012-12-21 17.45.59
Finished product dusted with powdered sugar.
I am not exactly sure what I was thinking but I bought the reduced fat crescent rolls- like that was really going to make that much of a difference.  And it was a mistake.  The crescent roll part of the dessert, was not what it could have been.
So next time I make these, here are the changes I’m going to make:
  • Use regular, full fat, crescent rolls
  • Use 1 whole Reese’s cup (cut in two pieces) in each roll

They were really good, and with those changes I know they’ll be absolutely great!  They also heat up in the microwave well.  Just pop ’em in for 10 seconds (no longer or they get too chewy) and they taste as if they were still fresh from the oven.

Enjoy and happy pinning!

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