Healthy “Ice Cream”

Some time last year, pinterest was abuzz with pins about making ice cream from bananas. (Such as here and here). Its perfect for someone like me who is always looking for dessert, but is trying to eat healthy. I figured with the start of the New Year, this yummy and guilt free snack was perfect to bring back.

Most directions call for you to cut up the bananas, freeze them, blend them with a food processor, then add peanut butter/ cocoa/ fruit/ etc.  This way is delicious, but I make it a little differently, just because i think its easier.


First I cut up the banana, and put it in a small tupperware

2013-01-06 16.57.36

Then, I mash up the pieces with a fork


Add some peanut butter and cocoa (or fruit, or whatever you like).  Mix it all up and freeze.


Thats all there is to it!  This definitely makes you feel like you are eating dessert and satisfies even my crazy sweet tooth.

Hope you enjoy!


Crochet Slippers

Happy New Year!

I love to crochet.  Especially easy quick things.  I get too distracted and want to move on if the project is going to take more than a few days.

These slippers were the perfect thing to make at a craft party that some of my friends and I had at the end of the semester.
Each slipper takes about an hour to make if you sit and do it all at once.
I was also making size 9 slippers but I made some small changes to the original instructions:
  • I used a size H hook, because I didn’t have a G at home.  
  • I did a total of 10 rounds instead of 13 for the toe.
  • For Rows 11-15 (The first group of straight rows) I made 20 double crochet.
  • For Rows 16-19 I increased by one dc at the beginning of each row. (Row 19 has 24 stitches.)
  • Row 20 (This is important to make the heel round): I did 8 double crochet, then yarned over, put the hook under the next two stitches and finished the double crochet (this pulls two stitches together into one stitch).  I repeated this 3 more times, then did 8 regular double crochet.


For the bows: I chained 40 with the biggest hook I had.  Then tied it in a bow and stitched it on the slipper.
I love these slippers.  They are snug when you first make them, but stretch out nicely.  They are light and warm and oh so easy!
Happy Pinning!
~ D