Crochet Slippers

Happy New Year!

I love to crochet.  Especially easy quick things.  I get too distracted and want to move on if the project is going to take more than a few days.

These slippers were the perfect thing to make at a craft party that some of my friends and I had at the end of the semester.
Each slipper takes about an hour to make if you sit and do it all at once.
I was also making size 9 slippers but I made some small changes to the original instructions:
  • I used a size H hook, because I didn’t have a G at home.  
  • I did a total of 10 rounds instead of 13 for the toe.
  • For Rows 11-15 (The first group of straight rows) I made 20 double crochet.
  • For Rows 16-19 I increased by one dc at the beginning of each row. (Row 19 has 24 stitches.)
  • Row 20 (This is important to make the heel round): I did 8 double crochet, then yarned over, put the hook under the next two stitches and finished the double crochet (this pulls two stitches together into one stitch).  I repeated this 3 more times, then did 8 regular double crochet.


For the bows: I chained 40 with the biggest hook I had.  Then tied it in a bow and stitched it on the slipper.
I love these slippers.  They are snug when you first make them, but stretch out nicely.  They are light and warm and oh so easy!
Happy Pinning!
~ D

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