OMG Brownie Bombs

These are awesome.   Just plain awesome.  They are almost diabetes in a pan in cake pop form.  But they’re so much easier and quicker than cake pops.  Super easy (though a little more time consuming than DIAP).  Super delicious.  My favorite kind of dessert.

I bought a pack of mini chocolate chip cookie dough.  It was broken into 40 cookies, but I make them smaller and got 50 balls of cookie dough out of the package.  Roll the cookie dough in a ball and put them in the freezer.


Then you bake a 13X9 package of FUDGE brownies.  After baking the brownies, I cut them into 48 pieces.  Then you smoosh the brownie and wrap it around the ball of cookie dough.  I had enough extra brownie bits to wrap the last two cookie dough pieces.



Lastly dip the balls in melted chocolate.  The original post called for chocolate almond bark, but I like to use melted chocolate chips.  I melted them using a technique I found on pinterest (more to come on that!).  I covered the tops of the balls in chocolate and added sprinkes.  I didn’t dip them all the way because 1- I didn’t have enough chocolate chips, and 2- melted chocolate chips are thicker than melted almond bark and it sometimes creates too much of a coating when dipping cake balls/ brownie bombs in them.


MMMMM… So good!




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