Easy Peasy Melted Chocolate

I love making desserts that require melted chocolate: cake balls, candies, decorating cookies. Almond bark melts a lot easier, but I prefer using either candy melts or chocolate chips. The down side is they are much trickier to melt and keep at the proper consistency. Then I came across this pin. I was skeptical at first, but I used this trick to melt chocolate for the brownie bombs and the melted chocolate came out perfect and stayed that way for at least 45 minutes. The original author said it lasts for several hours, I didn’t try this however, since I was done with the chocolate sooner than that.

Here’s the trick:

Put chocolate chips/ candy melts in a glass jar.

Put jar/ jars in a crock pot.

Put hot water in the crock pot until it reaches halfway up the jars, being careful not to get water in the jars.

Turn on high for 30 min, stir the chocolate.

When its melted all the way turn down to low and voila!


Perfectly smooth melted chocolate!


Good luck!


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