Super Fun Scarf (that anyone can make!)

This scarf is fun, and easy, and quick, and anyone with two arms can do it!

Yes, I’m talking about the ever pinterest popular Arm Knit Scarf.  It has been pinned from a variety of places but I used this tutorial to learn as I think she does the best job explaining what to do.


The first scarf I made (took me about 45 minutes)


Finished Product

I have grown to love making these.  I have a bunch of colors and am actually selling them on Etsy!  I have a shop in which all the proceeds go for a good cause.  The arm-knit scarves are benefitting a friend of mine who is trying to adopt a special needs child from India.  Here are some of my scarves:


Extra Long Scarf in Barley 


These scarves now take me about 25 minutes to make!


Here’s the link if you would like to check it out: Check it out and help another child to find their forever home with these two cuties!


Happy Pinning!


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