New Life to Old Clothes

I found Merrick’s blog from a pin to this tutorial.  I loved it.  I was able to take 2 perfectly good pairs of pants from the goodwill pile and reintroduce them to my wardrobe in a much more flattering way.  (Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take pictures).

I loved her blog and her refashion ideas so much though that I used this tutorial to change a t-shirt and maxi dress into a cute new summer dress.

I had a strapless maxi dress that was not very flattering and was obviously a style from a few years ago, but I just couldn’t part with it because it was linen and had a pretty watercolor design on the bottom.  I also had a plain t-shirt from Walmart that I bought to be in a show at church, that was a little short and thus I would probably never wear it.

But with a few new seams and adjusting the elastic casing I now have a dress I love and wear!






The elastic waist hits at the most flattering part of my waist and the hem is just above my knee.  Such a great way to give old clothes new life!


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