Man-sserts: Beer Cupcakes

I don’t like beer, at all.  But my guy friends do, and since I was cooking them dinner in honor of them being done with their board exams, I thought these would be something they would enjoy.  And let me tell you, they were a hit.  Not just with the guys, but with me, little ol’ beer hater over here.  Image

That glass of beer above does nothing for me, but mix it with some cocoa, butter, sugar and all other things heavenly and it becomes wonderful.  
ImageYep, thats the start of something GREAT!ImageCupcakes are done, now time for the icing (which also has beer in it, and also is heavenly!)

Does describing the manly beer icing as heavenly negate the manliness? I don’t think so.  It was manly and heavenly at the same time!ImageWhen I first saw the picture from the recipe, I thought, “Those look good, but I would definitely pipe the icing on to make them look prettier.”  Well the author must have read my mind because when talking about icing the cupcakes she writes, “Remember….these are manly cupcakes….no piping. :)”  So, I obediently plopped the icing on in the most manly way possible.  ImageSo make these for your man, or your beer loving friends, or yourself.  They’re totally worth it.


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