S’mores Dip…. YUMMMM!

I have seen several different variations of this pin floating around Pinterest recently.  It looked yummy and chocolatey and easy to make into a single serving dessert.  It definitely proved to be all of those things.  Are you ready?! Because you’re going to love it!!

First, I put a layer of mini chocolate chips into an individual loaf pan.


Then I personalized it and added a small handful of peanut butter chips.


I ripped some large marshmallows into pieces and mixed them in too, along with a splash of milk.


I put the dish in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each interval until the mixture was smooth.


Lastly, I broke 3 marshmallows in half, placed them on top and broiled the dish for about 2 minutes, watching closely for the marshmallows to brown.


Serve with graham crackers and enjoy!


I’ll just be over here stuffing my face.



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