Happy OT Month!

In honor of OT month (which began yesterday) I was planning to write a post about this amazing piece of adapted equipment I made for a patient who has trouble performing “toilet hygiene” (to put it nicely).

Well the equipment was a fail.  Not because it was a bad idea, but because it just didn’t suit the patients needs.  But I still didn’t feel right posting it just yet.

So, instead of an adapted equipment tutorial, you’re just going to get some of my favorite OT meme/ saying posts from Pinterest.

Remember to love on, thank, or simply learn more about what OT’s do this month.

(OT stands for occupational therapist for those who have never heard of us.  We help people learn/ re-learn how to participate in their daily occupations or daily activities that occupy their time and have meaning – not just their jobs!)




I love being an OT!



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