DIY Dress Alteration

So I found this dress in the sale section at Gap.  It was the only one left, in my size and just $13.  I snatched it up and went to the dressing room with a few other items.  When i tried it on however, it was very big in the chest and stomach (you know, the area where most things are usually tightest on me).  I was confused and took the dress off disappointed.  I looked at the tag and realized it was a maternity dress.  Whoops.  I still really liked the style of the dress and I had a daytime wedding coming up that it would be perfect for, so I bought it with the hopes that I could take it in and make it fit.  And let me tell you, it came out perfect and was “sew” simple.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

The dress has an empire waist, a side zipper, and 2 darts (as opposed to 1 seam) up the back so I decided to take it in along the darts.  First I tried on the dress inside out and had my mom take it in equally at each dart and place just one pin at the waist.  Then following the lines of the darts took in the same amount of fabric as was pinned at the waist.  I tapered the lines off a little longer than the original darts.

2014-04-12 16.32.45

Then I made a seam along the lines of pins, pressed them towards the middle of the dress and turned it back right-side out.

That was it. Two-quick seams and I had a new, custom fitted dress.  Yay!






So don’t let clothes that don’t fit perfectly scare you.  If it fits all criteria but 1, there is usually a simple adjustment to make it work for you.  Good Luck!!

Leave a comment if you have ever purchased a sale item hoping to fix it yourself.