Who doesn’t like Oreos?

Seriously.  Is there anyone?  If you belong to the rare breed who don’t enjoy this amazing cookie, than stop reading this post.  But the rest of us are going to press on and discover this awesome, easy, delish no-bake dessert.


I found this recipe and was in love with it before I even tasted it.  Cream cheese, cool whip, powdered sugar, chocolate pudding and… OREOS.  A true winning combination.

Mix up the layers, assemble in a 9×13 pan and let chill for a bit.  And thats it, you’re done “baking” and off to enjoying a fabulous end to your meal!

ImageImageAnother Pinterest Win!

What’s your favorite Oreo dessert?



PS: Sorry I’ve been so slack with my Sunday posts (notice how this one was on a Monday… whoops).  I have a dress refashion and a dessert tray tutorial in the works!  Let me know if there are any pins you would like to see me review!

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My Favorite: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I posted my favorite dinner a while back and have since decided to make a sort of “My Favorite” mini series.  Today, I’m tackling my favorite chocolate chip cookies.  And that is no small feat as chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite dessert.  EVER.

I have been a big fan of Sally’s Baking Addiction blog for a while, and her chocolate chip cookies are just one of the many delicious recipes she’s posted.  I am not entirely sure whether I fell in love with the blog first or the cookies.  Either way, they are both fantastic.

A big thing I’ve learned in trying to perfect the chocolate chip cookie is to follow the instructions regarding how to mix the ingredients and in what order.  It really does matter, and makes a big difference in how your cookies turn out.


 The wet ingredients


Dry ingredients

Also, make sure you chill the dough as instructed.  It helps the cookies to come out extra fluffy.


Don’t they look delicious?  You’ve just got to try them, they are soooo worth it!



S’mores Dip…. YUMMMM!

I have seen several different variations of this pin floating around Pinterest recently.  It looked yummy and chocolatey and easy to make into a single serving dessert.  It definitely proved to be all of those things.  Are you ready?! Because you’re going to love it!!

First, I put a layer of mini chocolate chips into an individual loaf pan.


Then I personalized it and added a small handful of peanut butter chips.


I ripped some large marshmallows into pieces and mixed them in too, along with a splash of milk.


I put the dish in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each interval until the mixture was smooth.


Lastly, I broke 3 marshmallows in half, placed them on top and broiled the dish for about 2 minutes, watching closely for the marshmallows to brown.


Serve with graham crackers and enjoy!


I’ll just be over here stuffing my face.


Icing Trick

I may not have piped the icing on the cupcakes from my last post, but I love to pipe icing on cupcakes.  They look so much more enticing and polished.

But let me tell you, it can be a pain to wash out piping tips and couplers, especially when you don’t have a dishwasher.  I have had many fall into the garbage disposal, causing me to risk amputating a finger to fish it out.

(I do know that the garbage disposal won’t cut my finger off if it is not turned on, but there is always a fear that it will somehow be turned on while my hand is in it.)

Anywho, I found this nifty little trick and it has made a world of difference.


First, place the icing on some saran wrap, roll it up, and twist the ends tight.


Put the icing bundle into the icing bag, pulling the saran wrap through the coupler.  Trim the saran wrap as close to the coupler as possible and put the tip on.  Then ice your cupcakes as usual.


When you’re done, just pull the wrap out of the bag, and remove the coupler.


That little bit of icing was all I had to clean up.

Such a useful tip!

Frost away!


Man-sserts: Beer Cupcakes

I don’t like beer, at all.  But my guy friends do, and since I was cooking them dinner in honor of them being done with their board exams, I thought these would be something they would enjoy.  And let me tell you, they were a hit.  Not just with the guys, but with me, little ol’ beer hater over here.  Image

That glass of beer above does nothing for me, but mix it with some cocoa, butter, sugar and all other things heavenly and it becomes wonderful.  
ImageYep, thats the start of something GREAT!ImageCupcakes are done, now time for the icing (which also has beer in it, and also is heavenly!)

Does describing the manly beer icing as heavenly negate the manliness? I don’t think so.  It was manly and heavenly at the same time!ImageWhen I first saw the picture from the recipe, I thought, “Those look good, but I would definitely pipe the icing on to make them look prettier.”  Well the author must have read my mind because when talking about icing the cupcakes she writes, “Remember….these are manly cupcakes….no piping. :)”  So, I obediently plopped the icing on in the most manly way possible.  ImageSo make these for your man, or your beer loving friends, or yourself.  They’re totally worth it.


Quick and Easy, Sweet and Salty

Can’t decide between sweet and salty, but want (or need) a quick snack?

I have your answer.

I discovered these little gems long before pinterest, but they pop up on my feed so frequently, that I felt the need to mention them.  Simply search pretzel kisses and you’ll see what I mean.

Open a pack of the square pretzels and line a cookies sheet with them. You can use mini pretzels as well (as pictured) but I like the pretzel to chocolate ratio best when using the square pretzels.

Unwrap Hershey kisses and place one on top of each pretzel. Or use Rolos.  This seriously is the most time consuming part of the process.


Place in a preheated 350 degree oven until kisses are shiny (about 2-3 min).  Keep an eye on them, you don’t want the kisses to start to melt and spread out!

Take them out of the oven and quickly (and I mean quickly) push M&Ms into the kisses.  I like to uses PB M&Ms, but you can use plain ones, or peanut ones, or I’ve heard of people using pecans.  The possibilities are endless!


Let them cool for a bit and enjoy!


Easy Peasy Melted Chocolate

I love making desserts that require melted chocolate: cake balls, candies, decorating cookies. Almond bark melts a lot easier, but I prefer using either candy melts or chocolate chips. The down side is they are much trickier to melt and keep at the proper consistency. Then I came across this pin. I was skeptical at first, but I used this trick to melt chocolate for the brownie bombs and the melted chocolate came out perfect and stayed that way for at least 45 minutes. The original author said it lasts for several hours, I didn’t try this however, since I was done with the chocolate sooner than that.

Here’s the trick:

Put chocolate chips/ candy melts in a glass jar.

Put jar/ jars in a crock pot.

Put hot water in the crock pot until it reaches halfway up the jars, being careful not to get water in the jars.

Turn on high for 30 min, stir the chocolate.

When its melted all the way turn down to low and voila!


Perfectly smooth melted chocolate!


Good luck!


OMG Brownie Bombs

These are awesome.   Just plain awesome.  They are almost diabetes in a pan in cake pop form.  But they’re so much easier and quicker than cake pops.  Super easy (though a little more time consuming than DIAP).  Super delicious.  My favorite kind of dessert.

I bought a pack of mini chocolate chip cookie dough.  It was broken into 40 cookies, but I make them smaller and got 50 balls of cookie dough out of the package.  Roll the cookie dough in a ball and put them in the freezer.


Then you bake a 13X9 package of FUDGE brownies.  After baking the brownies, I cut them into 48 pieces.  Then you smoosh the brownie and wrap it around the ball of cookie dough.  I had enough extra brownie bits to wrap the last two cookie dough pieces.



Lastly dip the balls in melted chocolate.  The original post called for chocolate almond bark, but I like to use melted chocolate chips.  I melted them using a technique I found on pinterest (more to come on that!).  I covered the tops of the balls in chocolate and added sprinkes.  I didn’t dip them all the way because 1- I didn’t have enough chocolate chips, and 2- melted chocolate chips are thicker than melted almond bark and it sometimes creates too much of a coating when dipping cake balls/ brownie bombs in them.


MMMMM… So good!




Healthy “Ice Cream”

Some time last year, pinterest was abuzz with pins about making ice cream from bananas. (Such as here and here). Its perfect for someone like me who is always looking for dessert, but is trying to eat healthy. I figured with the start of the New Year, this yummy and guilt free snack was perfect to bring back.

Most directions call for you to cut up the bananas, freeze them, blend them with a food processor, then add peanut butter/ cocoa/ fruit/ etc.  This way is delicious, but I make it a little differently, just because i think its easier.


First I cut up the banana, and put it in a small tupperware

2013-01-06 16.57.36

Then, I mash up the pieces with a fork


Add some peanut butter and cocoa (or fruit, or whatever you like).  Mix it all up and freeze.


Thats all there is to it!  This definitely makes you feel like you are eating dessert and satisfies even my crazy sweet tooth.

Hope you enjoy!


Reese’s Stuffed Crescents

I am in love with all things chocolate peanut butter.  Its seriously the best combination ever.  So when I saw this pin, I knew I had to try it.  Soooo easy and sooooo good.

2012-12-21 17.09.22
Open up the crescents, open up the Reeses, roll em up, and bake em.  Easy Peasy.
2012-12-21 17.11.44
Opening the Reese’s was seriously the hardest part.  Actually not eating any of Reese’s once I opened them was the hardest part.
The original post called for half a Reese’s in each crescent, I put in 2/3 of a PB cup and it didn’t quite seem like enough.  I think the regular cups have gotten smaller.
 2012-12-21 17.45.59
Finished product dusted with powdered sugar.
I am not exactly sure what I was thinking but I bought the reduced fat crescent rolls- like that was really going to make that much of a difference.  And it was a mistake.  The crescent roll part of the dessert, was not what it could have been.
So next time I make these, here are the changes I’m going to make:
  • Use regular, full fat, crescent rolls
  • Use 1 whole Reese’s cup (cut in two pieces) in each roll

They were really good, and with those changes I know they’ll be absolutely great!  They also heat up in the microwave well.  Just pop ’em in for 10 seconds (no longer or they get too chewy) and they taste as if they were still fresh from the oven.

Enjoy and happy pinning!