My Favorite: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I posted my favorite dinner a while back and have since decided to make a sort of “My Favorite” mini series.  Today, I’m tackling my favorite chocolate chip cookies.  And that is no small feat as chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite dessert.  EVER.

I have been a big fan of Sally’s Baking Addiction blog for a while, and her chocolate chip cookies are just one of the many delicious recipes she’s posted.  I am not entirely sure whether I fell in love with the blog first or the cookies.  Either way, they are both fantastic.

A big thing I’ve learned in trying to perfect the chocolate chip cookie is to follow the instructions regarding how to mix the ingredients and in what order.  It really does matter, and makes a big difference in how your cookies turn out.


 The wet ingredients


Dry ingredients

Also, make sure you chill the dough as instructed.  It helps the cookies to come out extra fluffy.


Don’t they look delicious?  You’ve just got to try them, they are soooo worth it!




Diabetes in a Pan

This recipe was pinned from here.  It was one of the first things I ever pinned.  It was called Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo
Fudge Brownie Bar.  I have seen it pinned elsewhere as Slutty Brownies because they are “oh so easy, and a little bit filthy.”  And let me tell you its true.  They are sooo easy, and sooo good.  In fact, they are so amazingly sweet and awesome, that they were dubbed “Diabetes in a Pan” by a friend of mine and the name has stuck.  They also have become my signature dessert (which says a lot considering I’m the resident baker in my circle of friends).

ImageThe first time I made them I followed the recipe exactly.  But I have learned an even easier way to make them.  Here are my changes:

When I need to make a 13 x 9 pan:

  • Spread 1.5 – 2 packages of Tollhouse (or equivalent) break and bake chocolate chip cookie dough on the bottom of a greased pan.
  • Layer 1.5 packages of double stuffed Oreos on top. (I break some of the Oreos in half alternate them so that they cover as much of the cookie dough as possible).
  • Prepare a 13×9 boxed brownie mix as directed and add 1/4 c. of hot fudge to the mix.
  • Pour brownie mix on top and bake the whole pan as directed on the brownie mix.

Thats it!


When I need to make and 8 x 8 pan:

  • Spread just under 1 package of Tollhouse (or equivalent) break and bake chocolate-chip cookie dough on the bottom of a greased pan.
  • Layer less than 1 package of Oreos on top of the cookie dough (again I strategically place the Oreos in order to cover every inch of cookie dough possible.)
  • Prepare Pillsbury Chocolate Extreme brownie mix as directed. (Or you could use any 8×8 mix, but be sure to add some hot fudge to it).
  • Pour brownie mix on top and bake entire pan as directed on the brownie mix.

Again, thats all there is to it!

I hope you enjoy this marvelous dessert as much as I do!