DIY: The Best Hair Ties

The first time I saw those knotted hair ties I thought, “Why are these so expensive? Its just colored elastic tied in a knot.  I can do that.”

But, I couldn’t find the right elastic at the craft store, and got busy with life and forgot all about my mission to make cheap hair bands.

Then I stumbled upon this pin.  The blogger said she found the elastic at Michaels.  I tried again to find it but had no luck.

Though I returned empty handed, I also returned with a mission.  I searched for the material online and came across this post which had a link to this website.  I was in heaven.  Image

I ordered my elastic (the plain colors were $ 0.50, the neon colors were $ 0.60, and the glitter was ($1.20)  I got 15 yards of various colors, each yard making 4 hair ties.  So for about 10 bucks I got 60 bands.  Not too shabby.


They were so easy to do.


All the pretty colors


Lots of Christmas gifts

Happy Tying!