Painted Wine Glasses

I fell in love with these glasses when I saw them on pinterest.  I went to the dollar store in search of tumblers and found stemless wine glasses instead.  I love them.  They are huge though, so I have to be careful when I fill them, because about an inch and a half is a full glass of wine.  I bought 4 glasses for a dollar each and and a pack of glass paint from Michaels for less than 5 dollars so I got a whole set of wine glasses for less than $10.  I was stoked.  All I had to do was paint the glasses, wait a day for the paint to dry completely, then sit them in the oven at 150 deg for an hour or so (the directions to cure them in the oven are on the package of paint, so follow those instructions not mine).

Here they are in their pretty glory!



Bottoms up!