Ms. Clean

Even typing that title makes me laugh because it absolutely does not describe my natural tendency.  But I have a new system that has really helped.

Some people find that cleaning helps them to de-stress.  I, however, get stressed out by cleaning.  I don’t know how to prioritize it, and I tend to have the mentality that I will only clean if I can get it all done at once (and who has time to clean their entire house/ apt in one shot? No one.  Thats who.) So I tend to just not clean and then get mad about how messy things are.  Its a really healthy process.  Or not.

I saw this video on one of the beauty channels I watch and thought it was a great way to break everything up into manageable chunks.  A few weeks later I stumbled upon this pin which also offers great tips on how to make a cleaning schedule.

This is life changing stuff here people.

I say that a lot, don’t I?  Y’all are going to stop believing me soon.  But, I promise this has made a HUGE difference.

First, I made a list of what I needed to clean and how often I needed to clean it: weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly.  Ruth’s blog (2nd link above) has a master cleaning list which I printed and adjusted to my needs.

Then, I made a chart similar to the one Blair made in her video (1st link above).

Lastly, I wrote out my schedule on a half of a piece of white paper which I then put in a frame.  I use dry erase markers to write my daily schedule and to-do lists on the glass and check off chores as I do them.  Since the cleaning list is on paper under the glass it doesn’t get wiped off and I can reuse it.


Daily/ Weekly Schedule template


Filled in with Monday’s schedule and lists for the week.  

My apartment is now clean and stays that way.

Happy Spring cleaning!