Who doesn’t like Oreos?

Seriously.  Is there anyone?  If you belong to the rare breed who don’t enjoy this amazing cookie, than stop reading this post.  But the rest of us are going to press on and discover this awesome, easy, delish no-bake dessert.


I found this recipe and was in love with it before I even tasted it.  Cream cheese, cool whip, powdered sugar, chocolate pudding and… OREOS.  A true winning combination.

Mix up the layers, assemble in a 9×13 pan and let chill for a bit.  And thats it, you’re done “baking” and off to enjoying a fabulous end to your meal!

ImageImageAnother Pinterest Win!

What’s your favorite Oreo dessert?



PS: Sorry I’ve been so slack with my Sunday posts (notice how this one was on a Monday… whoops).  I have a dress refashion and a dessert tray tutorial in the works!  Let me know if there are any pins you would like to see me review!

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Crocheted Chevron

Sometimes out of boredom I start a craft project.  Often it is a project that requires more way more time than the few free hours I don’t know what to do with.  Such is the case with this chevron granny afghan I crocheted.  I just decided I wanted to crochet an afghan one day, and 6+ months later, I had a completed throw.  This project took extra time because I did not work on it consistently.  Had I devoted a regular amount of time to it each week, I probably could have finished it in a third of the time (about 2 months) as the rows did go fast.

This pattern was designed to use multiple colored stripes, but I went with a simple black and mint.  You make it in 4 panels, which is nice in the summer, because you don’t have to have the weight of a blanket on your lap to work on it.  Also, by working the afghan in panels, each row is fairly short.  This makes it easy to come to a good ending point if you don’t have a long chunk of time to work on it.

A friend of mine described this throw as a mix between modern and vintage.  It is cute, warm, and just reminds me of home.  So if you are looking for a cute and versatile throw look no further because the time commitment was totally worth it.



This is my favorite thing to wrap up in while watching tv.  In fact, I’m snuggled in it right now!

~ D



My Favorite: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I posted my favorite dinner a while back and have since decided to make a sort of “My Favorite” mini series.  Today, I’m tackling my favorite chocolate chip cookies.  And that is no small feat as chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite dessert.  EVER.

I have been a big fan of Sally’s Baking Addiction blog for a while, and her chocolate chip cookies are just one of the many delicious recipes she’s posted.  I am not entirely sure whether I fell in love with the blog first or the cookies.  Either way, they are both fantastic.

A big thing I’ve learned in trying to perfect the chocolate chip cookie is to follow the instructions regarding how to mix the ingredients and in what order.  It really does matter, and makes a big difference in how your cookies turn out.


 The wet ingredients


Dry ingredients

Also, make sure you chill the dough as instructed.  It helps the cookies to come out extra fluffy.


Don’t they look delicious?  You’ve just got to try them, they are soooo worth it!



Sharpie Mugs Debunked

If you’ve been on Pinterest for any length of time you have surely come across the “sharpie mug” or “sharpie plate.”  Each post seems to have a slightly different set of directions, some of which work, most of which don’t.  So if you would like to see what finally did work for me (along with my first failed attempt), keep reading.

First of all if you use regular sharpies, you will be sorely disappointed.

Your project will look good at first


First attempt: after baking

But I could tell they weren’t going to hold up to washing, even hand washing.  I read that you can spray them with craft sealant.  I tried that, but after one good scrub this is what they looked like:


First attempt: after washing

So I did a lot of research before I found a way that worked, FOR REAL.

First you need to use an oil based sharpie paint pen.  You can still use cheap dollar store plates/ mugs, but definitely, definitely spring for this more expensive sharpie.  You can find them at craft stores in a bunch of colors and tip sizes.


Draw you’re design on the mug.  Put items in a cool oven.  Turn oven on to 400.  Once oven reaches the temp, bake  for 30 minutes then turn off.  Leave items in oven until they cool.  And Voila!


The high oven temp, does change the color of the paint slightly.  Those states were outlined in a light blue originally, and are now slightly green.  But I have no doubt they will last for a long time!  (If you want to avoid the color change, try black.  The pink seemed to hold up well for me too!)


Now that you know the truth, get out there and make some fun cheap sharpie mugs and plates!

Have fun!


Happy OT Month!

In honor of OT month (which began yesterday) I was planning to write a post about this amazing piece of adapted equipment I made for a patient who has trouble performing “toilet hygiene” (to put it nicely).

Well the equipment was a fail.  Not because it was a bad idea, but because it just didn’t suit the patients needs.  But I still didn’t feel right posting it just yet.

So, instead of an adapted equipment tutorial, you’re just going to get some of my favorite OT meme/ saying posts from Pinterest.

Remember to love on, thank, or simply learn more about what OT’s do this month.

(OT stands for occupational therapist for those who have never heard of us.  We help people learn/ re-learn how to participate in their daily occupations or daily activities that occupy their time and have meaning – not just their jobs!)




I love being an OT!